Our Classes & Events

We offer several types and levels of classes.

Saturday Morning Classes at 10AM & 1 PM

These classes are for all ages. From age 7 to, well through adults. How's that? No registration needed, just show up. Supplies are furnished. Subjects vary from painting to wood to stone to pourings. Check the calendar above for class schedule. Click on "See MORE" to see the full schedule for the day.

Purple Giraffe Kid's Classes

Ms. Deb's Purple Giraffe At Classes are as much fun at playing with a Wonky Donkey and as educational at a trip to the Louve. More info HERE.

Adult Classes

Aimed at the adult who has a little under their belt but want to expand or try different techniques. These classes are usually Wednesday night from 6PM to 8PM for four weeks running. And when we say "adult" we have students as young as 12 that enjoy the classes.

Personal Class

If you want to learn faster and be able to have the teacher to yourself, you can schedule individual classes. Number of classes will vary depending on what you want to learn or perfect. Contact us to schedule yours.