All Coffees $2

The following five coffee choices are made from fresh ground Colombian coffee with our Gaggia Italian coffee maker. The flavor cannot be beat. And it is only $2


Claude's Cappuccino


Leonardo's Latte


Marc's Macchiato


Andy's Americano


Edgar's Espresso

GW Coffee

Our GW Coffee is Keurig. Not fancy but it is good. We guarantee you will like it or your $2 will be returned. Same with our Republic of Tea Choices.

GW Coffee available in the following flavors:

Dark Magic | Cinnamon Roll | Dunkin Dark | Hazelnut | French Roast | Pike Place | Coconut Mocha | Folger's Classic | Vanilla Latte | Nantucket Medium | Café Mocha | Dunkin Medium | French Vanilla | Breakfast Blend | Caramel Vanilla | Caribou Daybreak | Caramel Pumpkin | Panera Light | Decaf Italian | Decaf Green Mountain | Decaf Eight O'clock

G.W.'s Coffee

12oz. - $2.00


All Teas $2


Pumpkin Spice Black | Golden Pumpkin Herbal | Red Hot Holiday Hibiscus | Hot Apple Cider Herbal | Caramel Apple Red


Kathlene's Tea

Barry's Irish Breakfast or Irish Gold

Ginger Peach Black

Decaf Ginger Peach Black


Organic Green Matcha

British Breakfast Black

Vanilla Apple Hibiscus Herbal

Hot Apple Cider Herbal

Caffeine Free

Caramel Apple Red

Caffeine Free

Honey Ginseng Green

Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle Black

Raspberry Rose Hibiscus

Caffeine Free

Good Hope Vanilla Red

Caffeine Free

Vanilla Almond Black

Organic Immunity Green

Green tea, Japanese Matcha, Echinacea, Elderflower

Earl Greyer

Black tea blended with oil of Bergamot