Every Cup just $2
Fresh Ground - Whole Milk
Claude's Cappuccino + Leonardo's Latte + Marc's Macchiato
Andy's Americano + Edgar's Espresso

Plus many other flavors in Keurig. Not fancy but it is good and we can make them in fresh Latte too!


All Teas $2

Green Teas + Black Tea + Red Tea + Irish Tea
Over 12 different Teas for you to try in caffeinated, decaffeinated and non-caffeinated.
Hot Chocolate and Hot Apple Cider.

Wicked Sweets
Booze Infused Candies

Crown Royal Salted Caramel


6 smooth caramel pieces

Bourbon Peanut Butter 10 pcs


An adult peanutbutter bites

Drunk Armadillos 6 pcs


Cousin to the Turtle, sweet buttercream instead of caramel

Bailey's Coffee Bomb


Popular "bomb" but with the lovely Bailey's for a smooth taste

Lover's Mix


2 ea of 5 alcohols and 3 chocolates

Spoonable Fudge


Fudge but in a cup with a spoon & Bailey's too!