Irish Themed Art

Irish Themed Art

Deb Weiser was born in Ireland so what better way to show hers and our love for the Emerald Isle? Our artists do Irish themed art as well as historic or primitive replications of ancient Celtic works.

Mark Weiser carves in slate and wood in ancient Ogham, the first Celtic style of writing from the 1st century. (See Wikipedia definition of Ogham.) Originally carved in fence post or highway markers almost 2,000 years ago.

6 x 11.5" Slate Ogham Carvings done by Mark Weiser. Each one hand carved. The slate comes with a leather hanger for vertical display. You can also order it horizontal (same price) and use an easel.

These two slates show Gra (on left) and Clann ( on right.) Gra is Old Irish for "Love." Clann is Irish for "Family." The word is spelled from bottom to top when vertical. (Can you find the "A" in both carvings?)

The slate to the right is Gra (Love) horizontal. (Now read left to right.)

Slates can be carved in a variety of words and phrases. All are translated to Irish and carved in Ogham. Love, Family, Ireland, Welcome, Faith, Cheers and more.

Price is $39 plus $7 shipping to anywhere in Continental US.

All slates come with an explanation of Ogham writing and the word on that plaque.

The following gallery show some great shots of Ireland. They have been transferred to 16 X 20 canvas. They come ready to hang with what is known as a gallery edge. Others to follow.

Irish Ivy
Ivy along the path $75 16 x 20

What makes Ireland Emerald
Green Grass of Ireland $75 16x 20

The Surf is In
Dingle Cliffs $75 16 x 20

Stones, stones, stones
Stones and Fields $75 16 x 20

Rugged Cliffs
Slea Head 1 $75 16 x 20

More rain on the top
Mt. Brandon $75 16 x 20

Green grass
Blowing Green $75 16 x 20

Where Star Wars was Filmed
Slea Head 2 $75 16 x 20

Hold me
Soft Fence $75 16 x 20

More Art Coming!

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