McKenzie Raduns

McKenzie Raduns

About the artist:

From photos mounted on lightweight aluminum to fantastic & one of a kind wrapping paper, McKenzie has bright colors and uplifting artwork.

Photography available in 3 sizes. All mounted on aluminum for a clean, crisp and eye-popping appeal.

As a little girl, I made bouquets out of clovers and hosta leaves and sold them for 10 cents at garage sales. Twenty years later, I still love making beautiful things with my hands. Still life photography lets me do that. I select my subjects (these days, a lot of flowers), then thoughtfully consider how to arrange and light them. Photography is seen as a "quick" art - but not the way I do it. I relish taking the time to find and modify objects before shooting them - stretching out the process and leaning into the multiple phases of the art.

8x8 $60
8x12 $60
12x12 $145
24x24 Upon request