Chris Robbins

About the artist:

I began painting in 1997, taking my first art lessons since grade school from Barbara Jones Prall. I began to develop my skills by copying works of famous painters, usually one of the Impressionists: Monet, Manet, Renoir or Degas. I was typically very meticulous with my brushwork and did not really have a style of my own. I painted for about three years, until my 2nd son came along and life got very busy. I didn't pick up a brush for the next 18 years.

Fast forward to 2018, my youngest is off to college and I've been able to reconnect with my love of painting. I found that my style has changed a lot since I last picked up a brush. Now I find I'm much freer with my brush and bolder when it comes to paint and color. I hope you enjoy the results.

Willie Nelson


New York, New York

NY John




Locomotive #765