Deb Weiser

Deb Weiser

Deb is the owner of DKW Art Gallery and lead teacher.

I'm a muralist and faux painter with work in the US, Canada, Ireland, Netherlands and Italy.

I am also a Color Specialist. I create color palettes for residential, commercial, and retail spaces. I work with everything from accessories to fabrics to paint swatches. Every item in a room can affect the atmosphere and incite a particular emotion depending on its color and placement in relation to other accessories.

I also have a personal website or come on by to see this "artist in residence."

See more of Deb's artwork available for sale online at DEB WEISER.


About my Angels

Several years ago I was the caretaker for my aging mother-in-law. She was the most cantankerous and loveable little lady I have ever know. We became as close as any two people can who are so far apart in age. When she passed, I felt a void even though I have a great supporting husband and family. I missed her terribly.

I came up with the idea for "Burdened, but with Hope" in a dream. (Lots of my creative endeavors spring forth from my vivid and lengthy dreams. But more about my dreams later.)

Each wing of my Angels are made up from headlines cut from daily papers. The headlines pertain to the burden or subject of each Angel. "Burdened, but with Hope" consists of the all to often headlines of war, murder, theft, disease and such. But mixed with it are the headlines of good Samaritans, medical cures and other examples of Hope. I also worked into it the wording of The Lord's Prayer. I felt my burden lifted upon its completion and was further elated when a Christian Healing Center purchased it for their entry way.

Most of the Angels have been sold. Only "Solitude" and "Forgiven" remain in my possession. "Haven of Hope" is in a children's hospital in Georgia while "Burden of Breast Cancer" found a home in Tennessee with a Susan G. Komen for the Cure group. "Music of Hope" was commissioned with the gentleman's wife's face as the angel. If you have an idea for your own Angel, drop me a line, I'm open to all ideas.

Rising Above

Assembly of Hope
Breast cancer shall not damage me

Burdened but with Hope
All that weight can be lifted

Holiday Angel

Angel of Song

Angel Weighed Down

Faith & Science
Both can heal together

Haven of Hope
Protection of the New Born Infant


Music of Hope

Some Of Deb's Artwork For Sale Online HERE

"Which one is my favorite? It is the one that I am creating tomorrow"
- Paraphrase from Imogen Cunningham

Beauty in Faith

Pietà Redux

Irish Lips

Arrange One

Arrange Two

Arrange Three

Biddy Met

Blue Explosion

Canvas Rose Sculpture

Flora Skeleton

Hawk II

Old Man Study

Parrot I

Racoon II

Resin Queen

Trip Tic II

Trip Tic IV

Winter Dragon

Winter Wolf

Ying Yang