Don Dixson

Don Dixson

About the artist:

In 2007, my long forgotten childhood interest in art was rekindled when I started making quilts for our expanding family of grandchildren and other family members. At some point, I created my first 'artistic quilt that captured the attention of an extremely talented local artist. As my mentor, he encouraged me to go beyond the borders of my quilts.

Using self-taught improvisational piecing techniques and hand dyed fabrics, I create pieces with structural balance and intense color that evoke the warmth and comfort of a snugly quilt. I trust that when you bring my art into your home or business, you too will experience that warmth and comfort.

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Black White & Red All Over

Blue Eternity

COE Eternity

Cornell Eternity


Drake Eternity

Fire & Ice V

Fractured Stars

Iowa Eternity

ISU Eternity


Mt Mercy Eternity

Organic Circles III

Organic Circles

Pac Man

Stripes 4

Stripes 5

Subtle Circles

Sun Up

UNI Eternity

Wonky Spiral

Zebra in Hiding

Triptych 1

40 Rectangles

Broken Circles II


Euclidean Geometry

Fractured Glory IV

Fractured Prism


Triptych 2

Triptych 3

Truncated Diamonds

Which Way

Below are Don's Eternity Knots done in hand-dyed school colors. Approx 12" x 12" with a 1 1/2" thick covered frame. (See edge detail.) Order below.

Some of Don's artwork for sale online HERE

Cornell College $60

University of Iowa $60

University of Northern Iowa $60

Iowa State University $60

Mount Mercy $60