Other Galleries

While we are very proud of our artists, we know that it is a community that makes us what we are. And we are also proud of those other galleries around us. Check them out as each is unique, not only in their art but in their philosophy and their approach to art.

Marion. Barb is known for her portraits and has been teaching art for a long time. Her art is in many homes here and across the nation.

Marion. This is a non-profit gallery that also supports visual and performing arts. Definitely a place to check out. They do readings and jam sessions, too.

Marion. When we need framing, we go to Kyle. He knows his stuff, and is spot on with recommendations. His artwork is great and he also has fishing jigs. Yes, he has jigs.

Mt. Vernon, IA. Denise has a collection of regional artists and also offers a venue for small bridal shows and exhibits. She also has local wines and related gift items. Her husband is a fantastic photographer.